AI and our evolving workforce

Chair: Craig Dowden

PhD, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

Dr. Alan J. Forster

Vice President, Innovation and Quality, Ottawa Hospital

Sean Hinton

Founder and CEO, SkyHive Technologies

Tashia Batstone

Senior Vice President, External Relations and Business Development, CPA Canada

Ted Graham

Head of Open Innovation, GM

AI and our evolving workforce

The emphasis of artificial intelligence solutions has moved from the blue collar floor into the white collar boardroom and business leaders must decide how to participate in the revolution. The key questions are how AI will impact employees, roles, and culture and what organizations can do to build literacy at the top levels so that the right decisions are made for their organizations and people.

This IMPACT AI panel brings together senior executives from various industries to discuss how their organizations are preparing for the realities of AI. The focus will be on the human side of the equation to demonstrate that AI adoption is more successful when thought of as constructive change rather than disruptive to the workforce.