AI for good: Bringing humanity to machines

Chair: Karla Congson

CEO, collectiveIQ

Bilal Khan

Managing Partner & Head of Deloitte Data, Deloitte

Garth Smith

Director, Industry Relations, Ontario Brain Institute

Garth Thomas

Managing Director, Business and Financial Products, Globe and Mail

Dr. Naomi Visanji

Scientific Associate, Edmond J. Safra program in Parkinson’s disease and the Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement disorders, Toronto Western Hospital

AI for good: Bringing humanity to machines

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, so do the attempts by businesses, media, and governments to discover the extent that it can automate work and influence human behaviour. Can AI be the solution to our biases, or will it reinforce them? Should people know when a machine is taking over their driving, social media feeds, and daily decision making?

This IMPACT AI panel brings together experts from different industries to provide their insights on how AI is being used for good rather than following our fears. Issues of security, privacy, participation, and prudence will affect everyone and these thought leaders will guide towards a practical understanding of how AI and humans can work together for the benefit of society.