Navigating AI for financial services

Navigating AI for financial services

Chair: Peggy Van de Plassche

Managing Partner, Roar Ventures

Anne Butler

Chief Legal Officer and Head of Policy and Research, Payments Canada

Kris Hansen

CTO, Koho

Natalie Cartwright

Co-Founder & COO, Finn AI

Cheesan Chew

COO, RBC Ventures

Navigating AI for financial services

Despite the popular news, artificial intelligence will have a far greater impact on financial services than most other sectors. From changing the way we do traditional banking to opening up billions in investment opportunities, AI will revolutionize our financial ecosystems and challenge regulators to shape the future of privacy, security, and open data.

This IMPACT AI panel brings together leaders from different areas of financial services to discuss their experiences and predictions on how AI is transforming their landscapes. How will existing firms be disrupted? Where are the smart investments being made? And what role should regulations play in protecting the public interest? As AI opens up new business models and creates new competitive dynamics, the visions presented here will be critical in understanding future strategic and governance decisions.