Women in AI: Redefining the future

Women in AI: Redefining the future

AI and our evolving workforce

Chair: Ailish Campbell

Chief Trade Commissioner of Canada & Assistant Deputy Minister, Global Affairs Canada

Ashley Casovan

Director, Data Architecture and Innovation, Government of Canada

Cathy Cobey

Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader, EY

Ozge Yeloglu

Chief Data Scientist, Customer Success Unit, Microsoft Canada

Diane Reynolds

Principal Financial Engineer, Risk Analytics, IBM

Women in AI: Redefining the future

Is AI inclusive? In the worldwide race to create the next best AI machine, organizations often take the quickest and most effective route towards production. Yet without careful and considered intent, the biggest impact may not be smarter and friendlier technology – we could end up with machines that reinforce bias built by a workforce with limited diversity.

This IMPACT AI panel will tackle how to change the humanity of AI by bringing together industry leaders to discuss career pathways for girls and women, policy priorities for AI, and models for encouraging diversity and inclusion. These experts will share their stories about advancing diversity to shape the future of AI, from making careers more appealing to eliminating bias in systems. They will also discuss the business models they’re most excited about and explain how they’re working to build confidence in these models and the future.