IMPACT AI 2019 offers over eight hours of leadership panels, keynotes, fireside chats, and interactive activities built around responsible AI issues and development. We’re releasing sessions as they’re confirmed, so follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for updates as we announce new speakers and sessions.

Leadership Panel
Chair: Craig Dowden | Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

AI and our evolving workforce

The emphasis of artificial intelligence solutions has moved from the blue collar floor into the white collar boardroom and business leaders must decide how to participate in the revolution. The key questions are how AI will impact employees, roles, and culture and what organizations can do to build literacy at the top levels so that the right decisions are made for their organizations and people.

This IMPACT AI panel brings together senior executives from various industries to discuss how their organizations are preparing for the realities of AI. The focus will be on the human side of the equation to demonstrate that AI adoption is more successful when thought of as constructive change rather than disruptive to the workforce.

Leadership Panel
Chair: Karla Congson | CEO & Co-founder of collectiveIQ

AI for good: Bringing humanity to machines

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, so do the attempts by businesses, media, and governments to discover the extent that it can automate work and influence human behaviour. Can AI be the solution to our biases, or will it reinforce them? Should people know when a machine is taking over their driving, social media feeds, and daily decision making?

This IMPACT AI panel brings together experts from different industries to provide their insights on how AI is being used for good rather than following our fears. Issues of security, privacy, participation, and prudence will affect everyone and these thought leaders will guide towards a practical understanding of how AI and humans can work together for the benefit of society.

Leadership Panel
Chair: Peggy Van de Plassche | Managing Partner, Roar Ventures

Navigating AI for financial services

Despite the popular news, artificial intelligence will have a far greater impact on financial services than most other sectors. From changing the way we do traditional banking to opening up billions in investment opportunities, AI will revolutionize our financial ecosystems and challenge regulators to shape the future of privacy, security, and open data.

This IMPACT AI panel brings together leaders from different areas of financial services to discuss their experiences and predictions on how AI is transforming their landscapes. How will existing firms be disrupted? Where are the smart investments being made? And what role should regulations play in protecting the public interest? As AI opens up new business models and creates new competitive dynamics, the visions presented here will be critical in understanding future strategic and governance decisions.

Leadership Panel
Chair: Ailish Campbell | Chief Trade Commissioner of Canada & ADM, Global Affairs Canada

Women in AI: Redefining the future

Is AI inclusive? In the worldwide race to create the next best AI machine, organizations often take the quickest and most effective route towards production. Yet without careful and considered intent, the biggest impact may not be smarter and friendlier technology – we could end up with machines that reinforce bias built by a workforce with limited diversity.

This IMPACT AI panel will tackle how to change the humanity of AI by bringing together industry leaders to discuss career pathways for girls and women, policy priorities for AI, and models for encouraging diversity and inclusion. These experts will share their stories about advancing diversity to shape the future of AI, from making careers more appealing to eliminating bias in systems. They will also discuss the business models they’re most excited about and explain how they’re working to build confidence in these models and the future.